I swear I heard Promo Girl on CBC Radio One anno…

I swear I heard Promo Girl on CBC Radio One announce a special Christmas Day and Boxing Day (Dec 26th) special on Pierre Berton’s The Secret World Of Og. Unfortunately I don’t have a time or a link to give you. The CBC website doesn’t seem to have it listed. Did anybody catch the hours this Canadian fantasy classic will air on those days?. But it looks like it will air on Sunday Showcase at 10pm on Christmas Day and on Boxing Day at 4pm.

The Secret World Of Og: A Christmas Special
By Pierre Berton; Adapted by Beverley Cooper
Streaming Audio – Approx. 30 60 Minutes (?) [Audio Drama]
Broadcaster: CBC Radio One
Boradcast: Dec 25th 2005 (repeated Dec 26th 2005)

The story of five children, a missing baby brother, and a magical
adventure in a strange underground world beneath their playhouse,
filled with rivers, mushrooms and a community of green people who know
only one word, “OG”.

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