iAmplify has FREE Neil Gaiman interviews as a podcast

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iAmplifyiAmplify is an odd website that I find a bit obtuse. Maybe it is a cult of some kind? Here’s how they describe themselves:

“iAmplify uses short-form audio and video content platform to bring our expert Amplifiers together with the people who want to learn from them. Our amplifiers are people you know you can trust; they’re brand personalities who provide us with diverse content about subjects like health, wellness, and education. We’re a leading provider of online innovative mobile audio and video programming in industries like fitness and personal growth. Our headquarters, manned by seasoned visionaries in both the technology and lifestyle markets, are located in New York and Los Angeles.”

Hardly enlightening. But, even if it is a cult, you may want to join them as they have a couple of FREE podcasts of Neil Gaiman interviews. Click on their FREE DOWNLOADS section and scroll down until you see Gaiman’s name. There are two interviews there. The cult part, a sign-up is required but it should be free.

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