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NDPThree reasons to vote NDP:

1. A prime minister named Jack would be very cool. A bald PM named Jack would be even cooler. A bald PM who’s a terrific leader is even cooler. A gloriously bald PM named Jack, who doesn’t need no damn sweater, and who is well mustachioed – that would be the coolest.

2. MP Charlie Angus talks smart on copyright and net neutrality. We need smart.

3. NDP supports CBC. CBC good.

Posted by Jesse Willis

2 thoughts to “If this blog had a lawn…”

  1. I’m voting the same way as you, at least in part for reasons 2 & 3 among many others.

    But I’ve got to tell you, I’m really, really holding my nose on #1 while I’m doing it. I miss Alexa, and I’m not a Jack fan at all.

    Also, that moustache must go.

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