In The Gloaming Podcast: Creepy Tales of Now

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In The GloamingNathaniel Tapley, of the In The Gloaming podcast, subtitled “Creepy Tales of Now” sez:

We’ve just started making a new monthly horror-comedy podcast that might be of interest to you and your readers. Called In The Gloaming it features some of Britain’s most exciting young comics in creepy tales of now…

The first episode, Dead Skinny, is out now. Have a listen |MP3| or get it via the podcast feed:

So I listened to the first episode, it features some very silly (but very funny) jokes in the intro and lots of laugh-out-loud ridiculousness in the story proper. It’s very dark humour, dark and very funny. It’s actually quite creepy how much laughing I did. Body dysmorphic disorder probably shouldn’t be this funny. I’m going to subscribe.

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