iTunes lists 16 "Sci-Fi Lovers" Podcasts


On the main PODCAST page of iTunes you’ll notice that there is a temporarily featured “Sci-Fi Lovers” section. It is a listing of 16 podcasts, with what I think is a pretty nice selection of the top podcast. I’m pleased to see that the bias is definitely towards literary “Sci-Fi” with only 5 shows being television or movie related.

iTunes Features Sci-Fi Podcasts

Listed are many SFFaudio Favorites including:

James Patrick Kelly’s FREE READS, Escape Pod, Scott Sigler’s The Rookie, Slice Of Sci-Fi, J.C. Hutchins’ 7th Son – Book One – Descent, The Dragon Page: Cover To Cover, The Babylon Podcast, The Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas, a Darker Projects anthology series Dark Matter, The Secret World Chronicle, and StarShipSofa.

Shamefully and notably absent is The Time Traveler Show podcast!

5 thoughts to “iTunes lists 16 "Sci-Fi Lovers" Podcasts”

  1. Paul, I think I understand why Rev-up Review wasn’t added, not because any lack of SF relevance or quality, rather because it was less frequent. The Rev-Up review isn’t a weekly or bi-weekly show (as are most of the one listed AND The Time Traveler Show).

    It also seems likely that these mini-sections are made up a while in advance (possibly months). I note, for instance, they have 7th Son Book 1 (instead of Book 2) and they have Dragon Page listed as being hosted “Michael and Summer” rather than “Michael and Mike Stackpole.” That indicates they are way behind the times – perhaps as far back as December in making these sections up.

    The only cure I’d suggest is making RevUp Review more frequent – PLEASE PLEASE – … not that that helped The Time Traveler Show get listed.

  2. Some things are missing, but kudos to iTunes for including the original user-created stuff along with the standard Big Media fare. Whatever is missing, we can all still work together sharing promos, links and rerences to grow the scifi podcasting genre.

  3. Scott, that’s easy for you to say you made the list. Whahhh! (that’s my baby cry). Just kidding. And kudos to you, and yes, to iTunes too.

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