Jake Sampson: Monster Hunter: The Roof Of The World

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BrokenSea Audio Productions: Jake Sampson: Monster HunterThe latest Jake Sampson: Monster Hunter serial has just wrapped. If you’re young enough you probably won’t appreciate all the historical and mythological detail that’s in these terrific adventure stories – but they’re definitely in there! Previous adventures have seen Jake and crew visiting lush jungles or dessicated deserts – this one sees them flying up to THE ROOF OF THE WORLD!!!

Here’s the official description:

Jake is summoned to Massachusetts to visit an aging former professor. Soon the gang is involved in a quest for a magic flower that only grows in a remote part of Tibet. Others also hunt the secrets held within that mysterious land, but for a more nefarious purpose. What is the price for immortality, and does the fabled lost city of Shambala really exist? Weird tales abound in the land known as The Roof of the World!

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