James P. Crow by Philip K. Dick is PUBLIC DOMAIN

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James P. Crow, a 1954 short story by Philip K. Dick, is PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Like many other stories by Philip K. Dick of this era, James P. Crow was thought to have had its copyright renewed. Indeed, a search of the copyright.gov records reveals a renewal claim on document “RE0000190631.”

But, this renewal is fraudulent. It has James P. Crow having been published in “Planet stories, spring 1955”.

At the time of the filing of “RE0000190631” James P. Crow was already in the public domain because it was not renewed in its 28th year.

See for yourself.

Here is all the evidence.

A photocopy of the actual renewal as filled out “Laura Coelho, Christopher Dick & Isa Dick”:
RE190631 Page 2 (back) Prominent Author, Progeny, Exhibit Piece, Shell Game, A World Of Talent, James P. Crow, Small Town, Survey Team, Sales Pitch, Time Pawn, Breakfast At Twilight, The Crawlers, Of Withered Apples, Adjustment Team, Meddler

Here is the table of contents for the issue of the magazine that the estate of Philip K. Dick claimed that James P. Crow was first published:

Planet Stories, Spring 1955 - table of contents

As you can see there is no Philip K. Dick story even in that issue.

Here is the table of contents from the original place of publication, Planet Stories, May 1954:
Planet Stories, May 1954 - table of contents (includes James P. Crow by Philip K. Dick)

James P. Crow by Philip K. Dick is therefore PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Here is a |PDF| of James P. Crow.

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