Joe Gold serializing his novel The Lamp Post Motel

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Joe Gold @ World Science Fiction Convention 2006
I met Joe Gold, a San Fransisco based writer, at The World Science Fiction Convention 2006 (last August) – he was in the dealer’s room signing copies of his first novel The Lamp Post Motel. At that time, I talked with Joe about the potential of podcasts and podcast novels, he seemed interested but I had forgotten about the conversation until today. It turns out that the conversation we had has born fruit…

Joe emailed us to say: “I am in the process of recording as a 49-chapter podcast (posted on my site for the book, coincidentally named The Lamp Post Motel suggests that UFOs are actually grad students of the future, doing research here in the past. In this case, they’re from 2000 years from now, looking for a field research site for sexual anthropology.”

And here it is…

Science Fiction audiobook - The Lamp Post Motel by Joe GoldThe Lamp Post Motel
By Joe Gold; Read by Joe Gold
49 MP3 Files – [UNABRIDGED]
Students from the University of the Rings are doing field research in sexual anthropology—at the Lamp Post Motel. Elmo Skinner prefers logical circuits to unpredictable people. He owns the motel and watches his customers on hidden cameras—until the time travelers drop Elmo’s mind into the people he’s watching.

You can listen to the first 9 MP3 files, already recorded by clicking HERE.

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