Joe Mahoney digs out some old WORLDCON gold: Larry Niven, John Scalzi and Frank Wu

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Assorted NonsenseJoe Mahoney, CBC Radio Producer, has posted three interesting MP3 interviews that he recorded at Torcon in 2003 to his blog ( Joe writes “I happen to have some tape of some of this year’s Hugo winners [and Larry Niven]. I thought, well, I could let it rot on my bookshelf or give it to the world. So I roused myself from my usual lethargy and blew the dust off some of the material I recorded back at the 61st World Science Fiction Convention in Toronto in 2003.”

Larry Niven interview |MP3|
“A Science Fiction convention is something like heaven to me.”

John Scalzi interview |MP3|
“I wrote a novel called Old Man’s War …”

Frank Wu interview |MP3|
“I’d really like to do a lot more spaceships, robots and aliens.”

Joe also says: “As you might already know (especially if you read this blog), Robert Charles Wilson just won a much deserved Hugo for his novel Spin. We just had the man in the studio a few minutes ago and I interviewed him about Spin and winning the Hugo, and he’ll be on The Arts Tonight [a CBC Radio One show] within the next couple of weeks.” you can look for the link HERE some time this coming week.

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