Podiobooks.com announces Q&A for Singularity

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SingularityBill DeSmett, author of the podiobook Singularity is planning on doing a wrap-up episode in a question-and-answer style. If you are a listener of this book and would like to get in on the action you have three options:

1. Email your question in plain text to: [email protected]

2. Record your question as an audio file and email it to [email protected]

3. Leave a voice mail by calling 206-888-2448

Questions can be about the characters in the book, what really goes on inside of a naked singularity, physics, Russian studies or anything else related to the novel or the author. More info can be found on the official Singularity website.

Evo of Podiobooks.com also adds “The best question or comment, as selected by our impartial panel of judges, will receive a free, autographed hardcover copy of Singularity.”

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