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After watching this mightily impressive video pitch, by the guy who did Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow, I hardly think I need to see the forthcoming Disney adaptation!

If you’re interested in reading the Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter stories be sure to check out David Steifel’s new audiobook website where the first five Barsoom audiobooks are now available for purchase.

David, who talked to us about the first book in the series for SFFaudio Podcast #137, writes:

Princess [A Princess Of Mars] goes into retirement Feb. 7, 2012

On February 7, 2012, A Princess of Mars, will be retired from this site. After that, listeners may listen to the first two episodes here free of charge, but will need to purchase it to hear the remainder. It may be purchased at

This action is being taken to help generate revenues to allow me to continue podcasting more of these novels.

In a recent podcast David suggested we treat his audiobooks as shareware. That is, buy them if you can, listen to the podcast episodes if you can’t afford it.

So, if you’re poor, snap up A Princess Of Mars via the podcast feed now, or if you’re able to afford the shareware pricing of $12.99 USD send David some cash, he’s got a great voice, terrific pronunciation of all those Barsoomian names and the acting chops to deliver all the story, action, and drama right and proper.


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