Knighttime: An audio drama series from The Hazardous Players

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Knighttime is an “ongoing fantasy/humor adventure” audio drama series. Each week The Hazardous Players offer up a new chapter in the adventures of good Sir Cottington and Sir Bratwurst. They reluctantly stumble their way through the land of Udenland, while trying to avoid being eaten by any number of terrifying beasts. Along the way they meet several of the eccentric members of Udenland society who more often than not, prove a greater challenge than the terrifying beasts.

The voice acting in this show is actually pretty great, and there are some pretty fun jokes in there too.

All that Knighttime is missing, other than a blog feed, is a podcast feed! How can you have an audio drama series without a podcast feed? Crazy.

The Hazardous Players Present: Knighttime

Quoth The Hazardous Players:

“We, The Hazardous Players, have been building a fantasy adventure where we plan on constructing multiply narratives using various media: writing, audio performance and art, (eventually video), to create a story that is an expanding fantasy for children and adults. Though we realize this is a nontraditional approach to literature, we do see that this could be a unique way to tell a story, harkening back to the time of episodic adventures on the radio.”

Here’s the first episode of their first adventure |MP3|

Check out the rest HERE.

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