L.A. Theatre Works podcast: The War Of The Worlds by the Star Trek alumni

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L.A. Theatre Works - The Play’s The ThingL.A. Theatre Works podcast has just released a production of The War Of The Worlds with Leonard Nimoy. They received a $253,000 grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The idea behind the grant is to “enhance people’s lives by providing a better understanding, through media and the arts, of the increasingly scientific and technological environment in which we live.”

“War of the Worlds” by Adapted by Howard Koch from the novel by H.G. Wells

Starring: Leonard Nimoy, Brent Spiner, Gates McFadden, Wil Wheaton, Meagan Fay, Jerry Hardin, Dwight Schultz, Armin Shimerman, Tom Virtue, and John de Lancie. Includes an interview with Dr. David Stevenson, professor of Planetary Science at CalTech.

No direct MP3 links available (that’s a mistake LATW) but there are two podcast feeds for this show:



Or, if you have iTunes, you can get both individual episodes:


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