The Canadia: 2056 Unofficial Podcast is here!

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“Let me hear the first one again”
-Commander Margot Fabreaux, first officer, HMCSS Canadia

Canadia: 2056 Unofficial PodcastI have some kruckin’ good news! All our wishes have finally been fulfilled, and somebody up there (in orbit) likes us! The Zombie Astronaut, the proprietor of the ghoulishly great OTR and audio drama website (and his own Frequency Of Fear podcast) has set up an “unofficial Canadia: 2056 podcast” feed! This follows in the tradition of other unofficial podcast feeds for other CBC Radio shows like Wiretap and The Age Of Persuasion.

ZA, who is orbiting high above the earth in his Zombie Space Station, plans on podcasting one episode of the program daily until he’s caught up with the radio broadcasts! Episode 18 of Canadia: 2056 airs on all CBC Radio One stations this week.

Subscribe to the unofficial podcast via this feed:

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