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Me with a simple MOC LEGO race-car:
Jesse with Lego sculpture

A LEGO Classic Space Wafer Fighter:
Lego Classic Space - Wafer Fighter

My students with an afternoon of swooshable LEGO creations:
Jesse's students with an afternoon of LEGO creations

LAMLradio LEGO Talk PodcastLAMLradio is a podcast about LEGO! As you can see by the images above I’m a big LEGO fan. I still have all (or almost all) of my LEGO back from when I was a kid. LEGO is a great toy because it allows you to build your own toys. But it’s more than a toy. In fact when I was talking to a professional artist last fall I was trying to convince him that it was a form of art. I’m not sure what art is, but I am sure that LEGO is a medium for sculpture.

If you’re not convinced check out this interview with one such LEGO artist known for his Maschinen Krieger ZbV 3000 LEGO creations (a style of kitbash art from Japan begun in the 1980s and inspired by WWI, WWII, the American space program, Star Wars, Blade Runner and The Road Warrior).

LAMLradio #103 – An interview with .Tromas of Prince George, BC (about Ma.K LEGO creations) |MP3|

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Selected LEGO jargon:

Classic Space – LEGO with a space theme produced between 1978 and 1987.

Diorama – A large LEGO scene or a LEGO scene built on an irregular base.

Vignette – A small LEGO scene, usually built on a base 8 studs long by 8 studs wide.

MOC – (an acronym, My Own Creation) – Any LEGO creation designed and built by a LEGO fan without instructions. Pronounced “mock.”

Swooshable – A quality that allows a LEGO creation to be picked up and flown around a room as the builder makes flying noises.

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