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NewsweekThis is a two ideas in one post.

1. One of my favourite authors, Lawrence Block, was group interviewed with a bunch of other writers (none of whom I’ve read). He’s got some very concise and wise words on the whole ‘ebook/Kindle killing paperbooks’ prediction (and why CDs vs. iPod is not an analogous situation):

“I don’t think anybody really expects e-books to supplant printed books, because I don’t think that they’re ever going to be that much more enjoyable a way to read a book. It was different with downloads and iPods; that’s a better way to hear music than a CD is. I think that what e-books will do is enable people to carry a few hundred books with them on a trip rather than struggling with a suitcase to take five along. But I don’t think it will be the same transformative thing that audible downloads have been.”

2. Block also mentions that he’s ruminating about ‘not writing any more novels’:

“I’ve reached a point now where I’m slowing down and thinking that there may not be more novels. It’s been enough years and enough books so that anything I had to say to the world I’ve long since said and probably repeated myself enough times to be done with it. But it’s interesting to contemplate not doing it anymore.”

And here’s the recent TV appearance confirming the same declaration:

To that ‘no more novels’ line I say: “Ok.” Unlike Craig Ferguson I can understand why Block might be done with novels. And not just because he’s done me a big service in writing so many great novels already. Block’s novel vacation (or novel retirement) will give Block more time to write more short stories. Yeah, more short stories and more novellas. I’m willing to try any other piece of writing he’s up for writing because I read writers and not novels. The analogous situation to me is to cheer for individual pro athletes rather than the teams they are currently playing on.

HERE is the full Newsweek interview.

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