LibriVox: Conquest Over Time by Michael Shaara

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Fantastic Universe November 1956Conquest Over Time
By Michael Shaara; Read by Mark F. Smith
4 Zipped MP3 Files, 1 |M4B| or Podcast – Approx. 1 Hour 20 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Published: May 4, 2010
Pat Travis, a spacer renowned for his luck, is suddenly quite out of it. His job is to beat his competitors to sign newly-Contacted human races to commercial contracts… But what can he do when he finds he’s on a planet that consults astrology for literally every major decision – and he has arrived on one of the worst-aspected days in history? First published in Fantastic Universe in 1956.

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[Thanks also to Ans Wink and Diana Majlinger]

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