LibriVox: Operation Terror by Murray Leinster

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LibriVoxThe incomparable, the speedy, the beneficent, MARK DOUGLAS NELSON has TWO brand new audiobooks, NOVELS, for us and for the public domain. I’m stunned! Less than a month in and Nelson’s got the audiobook narrator of the year trophy in the bag (someone should really make one of those for him).

LibriVox Science Fiction - Operation Terror by Murray LeinsterOperation Terror
By Murray Leinster; Read by Mark Douglas Nelson
10 Zipped MP3s or Podcast – 5 Hours 16 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Published: January 19, 2009
An unidentified space ship lands in a Colorado lake. Equipped with a paralyzing ray weapon, the creatures begin taking human prisoners. A loan land surveyor and a journalist are trapped inside the Army cordon, which is helpless against the mysterious enemy. Can they stop the aliens before it is too late?

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