LibriVox Science Fiction Audiobook: Key Out Of Time by Andre Norton

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LibriVox.orgFresh from the depths of LibriVox, Key Out Of Time by Andre Norton is book 4 in the “Time Trader” series. called the “Ross Murdock” and “Time War” series, the connected novels, explored Celtic Europe, and Ice Age America, in “a breathtaking synthesis of anthropology, archeology, and hard science fiction.” Wikipedia calls it a “pivotal exploration of time travel, as a method of fictionally exploring lost cultures.” Very cool. The three later books, penned beginning more than 30 years later, were co-authored by various hands.

LibriVox Science Fiction Audiobook - Key Out Of Time by Andre NortonKey Out Of Time
By Andre Norton; Read by R.J. Davis
18 Zipped MP3s or Podcast – Approx. 6 Hours 35 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Published: February 2008
“Ross Murdock and Arthur Ashe continue their adventures in Time and Space on the World of Hawaika. Hawaiian and Polynesian settlers help Ross and Ashe discover the way the world has changed from the data tape to present time. Helped by a girl, Karara, and her two trained dolphins, Tino-rau and Taua.”

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