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LibriVoxJacques Futrelle was a mystery writer best known for his creation, a rival to Sherlock Holmes, a detective named Professor Augustus S.F.X. Van Dusen, (aka “The Thinking Machine“)! Futrelle’s career was tragically, and famously, cut short whilst traveling aboard the titanic:

“[He] steadfastly refused to accept a chance to enter a lifeboat when he knew that the Titanic was sinking under him.”

This story, a novella, was actually adapted to film in a pair of 1920s movie serials. Sadly they no longer exist. But, Futrelle lives on, in this audiobook, and as the protagonist of The Titanic Murders by Max Allan Collins, which is a murder mystery set aboard the Titanic on its final voyage .

LIBRIVOX - The Diamond Master by Jacques FutrelleThe Diamond Master
By Jaques Futrelle; Read by Dawn Larsen
17 Zipped MP3 Files or Podcast – Approx. 3 Hours 15 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Published: June 23, 2010
A perfect diamond worth millions is mailed, in a plain package, to a diamond dealer. Then he finds that identical diamonds were delivered to other diamond dealers. Where did the gems come from? Who sent them? And why?

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