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LibriVoxSir Arthur Conan Doyle could be remembered as an important author quite apart from his creation of Sherlock Holmes. His novel of The Lost World, for instance, is still being read and enjoyed today. He wrote a great many books too. One is The White Company, a book which I discovered even just two months ago when the proprietor of the Golden Age Comic Book Stories scanned and uploaded the gorgeous images that illustrated the 1922 edition HERE. Now, thanks to the team-up of LibriVox’s Laura Caldwell and Clive Catterall, we are all owners of a public domain audiobook version. Thanks folks!

LibriVox - The White Company by Sir Arthur Conan DoyleThe White Company
By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Read by Clive Catterall
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Published: July 24, 2009
Set during the Hundred Years’ War with France, The White Company tells the story of a young Saxon man who is learning what it is to be a knight. Raised by Cistercian Monks and rejected by a violent elder brother, Alleyn Edricson takes service with one of the foremost knights in the country. When Alleyn falls in love with the knight’s daughter, he must prove himself to be a courageous and honourable knight before he can win her hand. Alleyn and his friends set forth with the other men-at-arms to join Prince Edward in Bordeaux, from where they will take part in the Prince’s campaign into Spain. It is in Spain that Alleyn and others must prove themselves to be very valiant and hardy cavaliers.

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