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LibriVox Run that by me one more time? Somebody over on LibriVox is reading my thoughts? Really?


Well, the good news is that my thoughts are all a benefit to you folks too! See here, there’s a brand new reading of The Willows that Algernon Blackwood story I was telling you about just on Friday! But now you don’t have to wrangle with an the BBC iPlayer, or even torrent anything. What we’ve got here is a easy peasy 1-click download or podcast feed to make your life easier.

LibriVox Horror - The Willows by Algernon BlackwoodThe Willows
By Algernon Blackwood; Read by Michael Thomas Robinson
4 Zipped MP3 Files – Approx. 2 Hours 22 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Published: October 6th, 2008
A tale of horror in which a pleasant sojourn down the Danube tumbles terrifyingly awry as the veil between this world and an unfathomably weird dimension is inadvertently pierced by an innocent pair of vacationers, “The Willows”, arguably Algernon Blackwood’s seminal contribution to supernatural literature, has had a lasting influence on the field. No less a personage than H. P. Lovecraft describing it as “…the greatest weird tale ever written.” A reading will reveal a clear influence to one familiar with Lovecraft’s work. The masterful handling of mystery and suspense that build to a quite satisfyingly unnerving crescendo may be particularly noted by the discerning aficionado of the genre.

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