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Luke's Creative Podcast
My friend Luke Burrage (best known from the Science Fiction Book Review Podcast) is one of the most creative people I know. Which is why I was so disappointed when I heard what he’d titled his new podcast about creativity.

He called it, get this, Luke’s Creative Podcast.

I think he could have vastly improved upon the title by, at least, adding in some irony. He could have called it Luke’s Creatively Titled Podcast!

Worse, Luke has described Luke’s Creative Podcast as “Discussions about making cool stuff and doing cool things.” I teach my students that they should avoid the use of the words “stuff” and “things” in their writing as they are such non-specific and unevocative words. But I suppose an exception can for be made here, for Luke. If you’re as universally creative as Luke (he’s a juggler, author, photographer, musician, podcaster, YouTuber and probably a half dozen more things), those two words “things” and “stuff” are the only words that could cover all the cool stuff he’d like to talk about.

The show’s format is also, I think, stolen at least a bit from SFFaudio’s own. Luke doesn’t “interview” his guests he has discussions. And I think that was the right choice too.

But seriously, I’ve been listening to Luke’s Creative Podcast and have decided that the latest show was the perfect one to mention here. See, in show #6 Luke talks to another of my super-creative friends, Gregg Margarite. Gregg is the and iambik audio narrator who is an occasional guest on SFFaudio Podcast readalongs. Sez luke:

Gregg Margarite is creative in many different fields, and so am I. We didn’t get into the specifics of any creative field, but had a great discussion about being someone trying to make their way in a world that likes to put people in boxes.

The podcast episode, |MP3|, is accompanied over on Luke’s site with some SFFaudio Podcast style shownotes. Luke has creatively stolen that style from us. It looks, and reads, great!

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