Mary Robinette Kowal is running for SFWA Secretary!

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Mary Robinette Kowal for SFWA SecretaryMary Robinette Kowal is running for Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Secretary!

Personally I don’t really care about the internal politics of the SFWA, and that’s why I support Mary. I’m a reader of SFF, not a writer of it. I just want my SFF, and I want it in my hands (and ears) with the authors of it compensated for their work. I don’t want bogus takedown notices, I don’t want committee members spreading false information. Mary is smart, tapped into the new technologies, she knows about audio rights and podcasts, and she has plans to reform the derailed SFWA committees. Mary’s is a voice found all over the net (including SFFaudio). She’s been getting Science Fiction into the ears of the consumers of it for at least a few years now, and she has related experience too. Check out her policies and plans on her blog post HERE. And if you’re a SFWA member seriously consider VOTING FOR MARY!

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