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Mech Muse Issue 1
Mech Muse‘s March/April 2006 Double Issue (Issue 1) is now available! This brand new science fiction and fantasy audio download magazine contains 13 hours of content. Tracks are encoded at a high quality 160 kbps. Though we originally reported it as costing $5.00 USD per issue the price is actually $7.00 USD or $35.00 for a six issue subscription.

Stories included in the first issue are:

After A Lean Winter by David Farland
On My Way To Paradise (Part I of a serialized novel) by David Farland
The Second Rat by David Barr Kirtley
Veil Of Ignorance by David Barr Kirtley
Primary Colors by Richard Raleigh
The River Is Forever by Edmund R. Schubert
Expensive Gifts by Miles Romney
The Elf Trap by Francis Stephens

There are also a column on film and other non-fiction audio features still forthcoming.

Mech Muse guarantees access to a purchased issue for a minimum of 60 days after purchase, and a possibility after that. Also of note are the abilities to download either in a ZIP file or by RSS! Another bonus is what appears to be full downloadable cover art for each individual tale.

The Mech Muse website looks really terrific check it out HERE.

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