Mini J. Michael Straczynski interview on

SFFaudio Online Audio Screening‘s Screening Room has a 12 minute interview with J. Michael Straczynski, talking to him about the upcoming Babylon 5 Lost Tales DVD release and writing in general. The WMA file is available HERE. UPDATE: try clicking on THIS and following the textual links to the WMA file. Damn WMA! One attentive reader pointed out there is a direct link to the |WMA|. Thanks!

I’ve just read a review of the DVD by a lucky viewer who got a copy more than a week before the July 31st release date. That reviewer described the new direct to DVD show this way:

Wow! If anything felt like we were coming home, this did – Absofragginglutely! Joe promised he would knock this one out of the ballpark and he delivered. Direct to DVD is the way for the B5 universe to survive.

Really looking forward to this DVD. And, Apocalypse Al must be freed.

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