Mister Ron presents: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

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Podcast - Mister Ron's BasementMister Ron’s Basement podcast has a special Christmas Episode that features the original 1921 F. Scott Fitzgerald story The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. A wonderful motion picture adaption of this story starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett is being released to movie theaters right now. It is a great movie. But the original Fitzgerald story is a work of genius, and the movie differs from it dramatically. We had considered serializing it across the span of a week, but instead offer the lengthy tale in its entirety. It is almost an hour long. Please download this, relax, and enjoy. You can find the episode http://slapcast.com/users/revry/6979

If the web site is down (it has been happening occasionally lately while the switch to a faster server is forthcoming), then you can load it directly from the feed at:


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