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The Steam Man Of The Prairies

Mister Ron's BasementMister Ron, of Mister Ron’s Basement Podcast, has posted up the first installment of The Steam Man Of The Plains aka The Steam Man Of The Prairies aka The Huge Hunter. Whatever you call it, I think this is the first American Science Fiction novel with a robot! Written by Edward S. Ellis, it was first published in 1868. This is a “dime novel” and kind of a proto-steampunk story, I guess.

Thanks Mr. Ron!

Mister Ron's Basement - The Steam Man of The Prairies by Edward S. EllisThe Steam Man of The Prairies
By Edward S. Ellis; Read by Mister Ron
Podcast – [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: Mister Ron’s Basement
Podcast: July 2010 –
Source: Gutenberg.org

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