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Well, it took months, but Mister Ron’s Basement has moved, lock, stock, and podcasts (over 1400 of them) to a new server! The old server at slapcast.com is gone now, but for a while will do redirects to the new site, as long as you are not linking to a specific episode.

So just make it a point to bookmark http://misterron.libsyn.com or better yet, go over there and click on the iTunes link. Once in iTunes, if you click on the “subscribe” button, all 1400+ episodes become available for direct download through the program. You can get one, two, or even all of them if you wish!

Anyway, thanks to all the SFFAudio listeners and readers who have sent me comments over the years. New episodes have been coming every day since the first of August, and we are trying to make everything interesting and fun!

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