More new and cool podcasts: Broadcasting from t…

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More new and cool podcasts:

Broadcasting from the University Of California, Davis, host Karl J. Mogel has just started podcasting his show The Inoculated Mind. It is available through iTunes‘ search function. Science and science fiction are the focus. The very limited website can be found at

alienETHOS is a new podcast with a focus on exploring the ethical and moral dilemnas illustrated by science fiction. The examples used so far have mostly been from television and movies, but perhaps they’ll delve into the more literary examples in the future. Hey guys how about James Blish’s A Case Of Conscience? Check out the website here:

Spaceship Radio isdedicated to bringing you the best of the classic 1950s science fiction and fantasy radio shows like Dimension X and X Minus One. It is surprising it has taken this long to come up with such a clever idea for a podcast! Visit the slick Spaceship Radio website here.

The Twilight Tales Audio Experience,, is a primarily horror and dark fantasy story series of readings, a kind of anthology of the horrific. Three great sounding podcasts out so far.

Sound Stages is another podcast with a bent towards radio drama (and audio drama), it has podcast things like Bradbury 13, Imagination-X and Icebox Radio Theatre. The website needs some organization but the content itself is very keen!

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2 thoughts to “More new and cool podcasts: Broadcasting from t…”

  1. Hey, this is Kevin from alienEthOS: The Ethics of Sci-fi. Thanks for the mention! We’ll put that book on our to read list, since neither of us have read it. We’ll give you a shoutout on the show next time. Is there anything you’d like us to say in particular?

  2. Hi Kevin,

    I havent read A Case Of Conscience yet either. But certainly will if you guys plan on doing show that talks about it. :D

    The description of A Case Of Conscience in The 100 Best Science Fiction Novels book (you can search through it on makes me think it will be a very appropriate meta-ethical novel for discussion by you and Kade.

    I look at good meaty science fiction as being intimately connected to philosophy of nearly every kind: Obviously the philosophy of science, the philosophy of religion, epistemology, ethics, political philosophy, metaphysics and even tangentially to aesthetics.

    Looking forward to show 3 and beyond.


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