My Father, Murray Leinster

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Michael Swanwick has posted a fascinating hour-long convention monologue by Murray Leinster‘s daughter, Billee Stallings. I’m betting that a lot of folks today, even Science Fiction folks, don’t know who Leinster was. I don’t see any of his books in print anymore and that’s a shame. Leinster was one of the pioneers of SF. A giant of his time, and he’s got plenty of powerful stories that still hold up today. Writes Swanwick:

“In the introduction, James Gunn notes that ‘[Leinster] originated more SF concepts than any writer since H.G. Wells.’ Think about that. More than Heinlein! More than Asimov! More than Clarke!”

The stories Billee Stallings tells in the hour are fascinating, and valuable, check it out:

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