New Audio Drama Podcast: "Second Shift"

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Second Shift PodcastIn the midst of writing my very first review for SFFaudio, I came across a fun podcast that I thought would be very appropriate to post about here.

Second Shift is an audio drama tale of three college students who, while waiting in line for the opening of the latest sci-fi fantasy movie, are transported into a fantasy role-playing game. The story is on its fourth episode, with the next one available on the 18th. Click the picture to head to their website, or copy/paste this feed into your podcatcher:

OK, my break is over!

2 thoughts to “New Audio Drama Podcast: "Second Shift"”

  1. Listened to all the available episodes so far. This show is really, really, really good. The acting is excellent, the writing is well thought out and the soundscape is very cool. Add in that it’s pretty funny and this one’s a keeper! Thanks Dani!

  2. I agree… I listen to Second Shift while working and can’t get enough… I almost wish I had found it a year down the road so I’d have a whole season to listen to all at once! Now I look forward to release dates. ^_^

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