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Two of the original podiobook stars have brand new podcast novels out today!

Fantasy podiobook - Playing For Keeps by Mur LaffertyPlaying For Keeps
By Mur Lafferty; Read by Mur Lafferty
STATUS: Begun November 1st 2007
Keepsie Branson owns a bar in the shining metropolis of Seventh City. This is an urban landscape overflowing with egotistical heroes and manipulative villains. In a world like this, where there are lots of ‘supers’, there are a few folks with superpowers that just don’t measure up.
Listen to the promo HERE.

Horror podiobook - Nocturnal by Scott Sigler
By Scott Sigler; Read by Scott Sigler
STATUS: Begun November 1st 2007
Something lives deep beneath the streets of San Francsico. Something that has been there for centuries, something that comes out at night … to feed on the dregs of society. A sub-culture, with its own myths, its own legends of leader named The King that will lead them out of bondage, and their own demon, a hunting shadow known only as Savior.
Listen to the promo HERE.

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