New Release – The Adventures of Sexton Blake (CD or MP3 DOWNLOAD)

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Paul Weir sez:

“[The] BBC Radio 2 series The Adventures of Sexton Blake is now released on CD and download and contains over 40 minutes of extra material.

For UK people, is the cheapest where it’s currently the number 1 audio book. For US listeners Amazon does have it but it’s cheaper to download from our site, which is a) the cheapest and b) the only place where you can download it as a high quality (160kbps) stereo mp3.”

BBC Audio - The Adventures Of Sexton BlakeThe Adventures of Sexton Blake
Based on the character created by Harry Blyth; Performed by a full cast
2 CDs or MP3 Download – Approx. 2 Hours [RADIO DRAMA]
Publisher: BBC Audiobooks
Published: September 2009
ISBN: 1408410540
BBC Radio 2’s action-packed deafening romp – with 40 minutes of previously unbroadcast peril Sexton Blake! The name that spells hurtling adventure! The name that spells doom for villainy! In a series of thrilling adventures packed with incident and hilarity, Sexton Blake, (Simon Jones, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy) and his plucky assistant Tinker (Wayne Forester, Captain Scarlet), aided by Mrs Bardell (June Whitfield, Absolutely Fabulous) battle diabolical masterminds, bewitching thieves and sinister fiends, out-thinking them in the head and out-punching them in the jaw! Also featured in this cinematic audio extravaganza from award-winning Dirk Maggs (The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy) is a cameo from BBC Radio’s original Sexton Blake – the legendary and coolly dashing William Franklyn.

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