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New Releases

[editor’s note – Shameless plug time! My publishing venture, Wonder Audiobooks, has it’s first four releases through Audible. These titles are also available at iTunes. My goal–great unabridged vintage fiction read by great readers! I’m proud of these titles and encourage you to check them out.]

Audiobook - Beyond Lies the Wub and the Hanging StrangersBeyond Lies the Wub & The Hanging Stranger
By Philip K. Dick; Read by Mac Kelly
48 min – [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Wonder Audiobooks
Availiable at Audible and

A trading spaceship often has to carry unusual cargo. None as strange as the blubberous pig-like alien known as the wub. The captain of the ship decides that the wub may make an excellent meal for him and the crew. But the wub might have something to say about it.

Beyond Lies the Wub was Philip K. Dick’s first published story and appeared in the legendary Planet Stories pulp magazine.

Also included, The Hanging Stranger by Philip K. Dick. When Ed Loyce, a respected citizen in a small town, finds a man hanging by a rope in his town square, he is very upset. But why doesn’t the rest of the town’s people care. Ed Loyce is going to find out.

Philip K Dick is now considered one of the most important authors of the 20th century. Numerous stories and novels have been adapted into movies, including Blade Runner, Paycheck, A Scanner Darkly and Next.

Audiobook - Coming AttractionComing Attraction
By Fritz Leiber; Read by Paul S. Jenkins
29 min – [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Wonder Audiobooks
Availiable at Audible and

A future New York City has changed since a nuclear bomb left areas of radiation that threaten the residents. Women wear coverings over their faces as the latest fashion trend.

An Englishman in New York saves a girl from a speeding coupe with fish hooks on its fender. He finds himself attracted and repelled by the girl in this classic story of future shock from a science-fiction grand master.

Audiobook - Anthropological NoteAnthropological Note
By Murray Leinster; Read by Tara Platt
54 min – [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Wonder Audiobooks
Availiable at Audible and

Miss Cummings, a female anthropologist, is set down in the middle of a Venusian Krug village to study the alien culture. Ray Hale, a scoundrel and murderer, is on his way to the very same village. Miss Cummings and Ray Hale have a past, but what of their future?

This story not only examines an alien society, but takes a look at our own strange relationships between the sexes.

Author Murray Leinster is often called “The Dean of Science Fiction”. Actress Tara Platt has voiced numerous anime characters, for Naruto, Ravemaster, Digimon, and many others.

Audiobook - The Wind People by Marion Zimmer BradleyThe Wind People
By Marion Zimmer Bradley; Read by Candace Platt
51 min – [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Wonder Audiobooks
Availiable at Audible and

To save her newborn son, Dr. Helen Murray has to remain behind on an alien world. But is she alone? As her son, Robin, becomes older, he acts strangely and describes other people that Helen cannot see.

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