No STEEL REMAINS for Canada?

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When I first read the email I thought it was refering to some new twist in the ongoing “buy American” campaign. But no, this is about Richard K. Morgan‘s newest novel (a Tantor Media audiobook)…

No Steel Remains (by Richard K. Morgan) -

Steen Hansen reports…

“I signed up like a good consumer to Audible, I have 2 monthly unused credits paid for and finally I see something I want. But I cannot buy ‘The Steel Remains‘ [Richard K. Morgan’s new novel] even though I am in Canada.

Hmm, maybe I should just download it now and then buy it later…

Kinda got scared of the ‘Gay Porn’ label by some reviews on Audible, probably fundies, but nobody made a big deal about it on Amazon so I think it is not a issue. Who knows maybe gay porn isn’t that bad anyway.”

What’s weird is even after figuring out what Steen was talking about it still sounds like American protectionism to me. Don’t we have a free trade agreement?


The |PDF| sell sheet for The Steel Remains says Tantor has “North American” rights.

Posted by Jesse Willis

2 thoughts to “No STEEL REMAINS for Canada?”

  1. Or, Tantor Media told Audible what rights they own when they uploaded it.

    And how is keeping Canadians from buying a book American protectionism? Keeping Canadian books out of the US would be protectionism.

  2. Weird. It appears that I can get The Steel Remains through, I’m in Canada. Why can’t Steen? Is anyone else having this problem?

    Scott, you are right my faux pas – keeping Canadians from buying a book isn’t American protectionism – unless that book is The Handmaid’s Tale! ;)

    Now on the other hand keeping Margaret Atwood from reading The Handmaid’s Tale aloud is planetary protectionism – she’s got to be the worst reader in the history of reading aloud.

    Atwood talking about her ‘definitely not Science Fiction novel’ |REALAUDIO|

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