On February 15th, the Silent Universe — an edgy S…

Silent Universe LogoOn February 15th, the Silent Universe — an edgy SciFi drama with a “choose your own adventure” twist — will premiere on www.silentuniverse.com and iTunes (promo available here).

In the series of monthly episodes, agents of the secret counter-terrorist organization “SERENDIPITY” will fight to undermine the deadly efforts of dictators, assassins, warlords and political extremists. But what makes this dramatic podcast truly unique is that its audience will be able to guide the storyline by giving ideas and feedback through a dedicated set of internet forums.

With a style of drama that mixes elements of “24” and the new “Battlestar Galactica,” each episode of the Silent Universe reveals layers of suspense and intrigue that leaves audiences guessing at what twists its plot will take next. Its motley cast of characters includes weapons specialists, a computer hacker, an ex-mercenary and even a casino tycoon, all forced to go to extreme lengths to prevent tragedy from striking the solar system. In a world where nuclear weapons are common to even the poorest countries and the United Nations is nothing but a quaint historical footnote, even the smallest conflict between powers can threaten to plunge mankind into Armageddon.

Interactivity is the key to Silent Universe’s appeal, though. Fans will have the opportunity to participate directly in the story development process, working side-by-side with the production team by offering critiques and suggestions in the online forums (www.silentuniverse.com/forums). This kind of “open” storytelling will encourage listeners of the Silent Universe to get invested in the podcast; upgrading them from a passive audience to active loyal partners in the series–a point that is often lost on large scale entertainment producers today.

Starting on February 15th, and proceeding at an episode-per-month pace, the Silent Universe podcast will paint a world that is futuristic, yet hauntingly reflective of modern themes. The 11 episodes of its first season will draw in audiences with its unapologetic exposé of human interest, while maintaining the thrill of a masterfully written SciFi adventure. With a talented cast of professional voice artists and an edgy concept which takes pride in turning space opera clichés on their ear, the Silent Universe will prove the viability of a new paradigm in podcast production.

Sounds interesting!

Scott D.

Reviews Editor, SFFaudio

One thought to “On February 15th, the Silent Universe — an edgy S…”

  1. Just listened to the first episode.

    Production values are excellent. Acting is very good. Writing is playful and direct. It was funny. I liked it. :)

    I have two critisisms.

    1. There is an inconsitency in the offensiveness. Racial slurs abound but “fuck” is replaced with “frak”. Violence is ok but “fuck” is offensive?

    2. The denegration of NPR in the frontispiece disclaimer. It may have been played for comedy rather than serious but being a socialist doesn’t have anything to do with being offended by words. Making fun of censorship would be more apt than making fun of public radio.

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