Our friend Joe Mahoney has posted a list and sched…

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Our friend Joe Mahoney has posted a list and schedule on his blog detailing the new CBC Radio Science Fiction series he told us about earlier this year. Joe wrote:

Here is the current line-up for a special SF radio play series we’re running on CBC Radio this summer, Friday nights at ten pm:

July 1 Someone Just for Me.
July 8 Birth
July 15 Bonehouse
July 22 Pig and Pepper
July 29 ManRadio
August 5 The Intercom
August 12 Ice Screams
August 19 The Thing from Beyond my Closet
August 26 Phantom
Sept 2 Castle Grove

I produced and directed Birth (July 8th), written by Michael Lennick and Robert J. Sawyer, and did sound effects for ManRadio and The Thing from Beyond my Closet.

I think Someone Just For Me, ManRadio and Ice Screams may all be something we’ve heard before, as they are all episodes from the 2004 CBC Radio series entitled Winter’s Tales. The rest are likely brand new, never before broadcast!

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  1. Heard the first entry! Entitled “SOMEONE JUST FOR ME”. Very cool – kind of twilight zone episode and it also kind of reminded me of the Japanese movie RINGU. BTW the whole anthology series is entitled “DEEP NIGHT”.

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