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Assistive MediaOur friends at AssistiveMedia.org have been offering online audio to persons with disabilities since 1998, unfortunately the website doesn’t currently offer easy access to their terrific resources (regrettably the promised podcast feed dedicated to Science Fiction hasn’t materialized yet either). In an effort to make the unnavigable navigable we are compiling a collection of the best SF&F related links for you to enjoy:

The Quantum Physics Of Time Travel
By David Deutsch and Michael Lockwood; Read by Chris Purchis
38 Minutes | RealAudio |
Copyright © Scientific American 1994
“Common sense may rule out such excursions–but the laws of physics do not.”

Artificial Intelligence And Human Nature
By Charles T. Rubin; Read by Vi Benner
40 minutes | MP3 | RealAudio | [UNABRIDGED]
Copyright © 2003, The New Atlantis

The Fisherwoman’s Daughter
By Ursula K. LeGuin; Read by Melissa Stewart
63 minutes | RealAudio | [UNABRIDGED]
copyright © 1990, The New York Times Book Review

Science Fiction:
By Arthur C. Clarke; Read by Ken Phifer
37 Minutes | MP3 | RealAudio | [UNABRIDGED]

Technical Error
By Arthur C. Clarke; Read by David Zinn
37 Minutes | RealAudio | [UNABRIDGED]

Travel By Wire
By Arthur C. Clarke; Read by David Zinn
11 minutes | RealAudio | [UNABRIDGED]


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