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Science Fiction author - Paul LevinsonPaul Levinson, will be giving away 25 MP3 copies of his radio dramatization of The Chronology Protection Case! In the next instalment of his podcast, Light On Light Through, Paul will play a brief clip from the audio drama and then say:

“I’m giving away MP3 copies of the complete Edgar-nominated radio play to the first 25 people who e-mail me at [email protected], voicemail me at 206-203-2615 (the Light On Light Through hotline), or send me a voicemail by clicking on the Odeo birdie on my web page.”

In order to win an MP3, the emailers and callers will have to identify a specific image that is on the web page – an image that does not necessarily have anything to do with time travel, Science Fiction, or him. He’ll be of course more specific in the podcast – the idea being that people will need to actually listen to the podcast to receive the specific clue.

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