FREE MP3 hosting for Audio Drama creators

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The Soul Patrol In November of 2003 David Koenigsberg, creator of The Soul Patrol offered to host MP3 files from other audio drama, radio drama and audio theater creators on his website. Sadly, back then no one took him up on the offer. So he has made the offer again, he has his own server, commercial DSL line and plenty of capacity/bandwidth. David writes “I’ll post any show for free on my website, The- Cosmic-Forces. net.”

There are however a few conditions:

1. David sez: “The show has to have some quality to it (but he will try not to
reject any show because of subject matter).”

2. You can’t directly link to the mp3 download (and bypass the page).

3. He’ll remove your show whenever you request.

4. He’ll set up links to your page so that users can find out any
information about your show. (He’ll post the mp3s–not all the info!)

He could start posting MP3s starting in January 2007.

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