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Online Audio / Podcast - Pullman, Paolini, Pierce InterviewIn the wake of The George R. R. Martin Podcast wrapping up. A new limited run Random House promotional podcast called Pullman, Paolini, Pierce Interview has caught my attention. The series is set for a 9 show run. Four shows have already been released, the upcoming shows include topics like… “On religion in their stories”, “On gender roles in their works”, “On inspiration and good reads”, “On relating to their characters” and

Episodes already released include:

Episode 1 |MP3| Animals
Episode 2 |MP3| Betrayal
Episode 3 |MP3| Their Worlds
Episode 4 |MP3| Growing Up

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One thought to “Plug into the new Pullman, Paolini, Pierce Interview Podcast”

  1. The Pullman/Paolini/Pierce podcasts are also available via iTunes podcast subscription. There was an earlier 3-way interview between Pullman, Paolini, and Pierce that was hosted at Powell’s Books. And for those interested in Christopher Paolini’s work, and anticipating the movie release of Eragon, there’s also a short mp3 of Paolini reading A Brief History of Alagaesia. A free 27 minute audio interview with Paolini reading part of Eldest and with Q & A was issued last year at the iTunes Store and is still available for download.

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