Podcast Audio Drama: Wormwood – A Serialized Mystery

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Podcast Audio Drama - Wormwood: A Serial MysteryWormwood is a new audio drama that bills itself as “a serialized mystery.” After listening to the first episode I call it AWESOME. How did this terrific sounding show manage to fly under nearly everyone’s collective radar for so long? Here’s the premise:

Tragedy forced Doctor Xander Crowe down the pathways of the occult and he was forever transformed. Now, chasing the vision of a drowned woman, Crowe finds himself in the haunted town of Wormwood, where evil lurks in the shadows and stains the souls of its inhabitants.

Its an interesting premise, but its the snappy dialogue and the confident storytelling that I like. Take one part Twin Peaks, add one part mystery, one part supernatural, then drench in Absinthe, shake the mix vigorously. Voila, Wormwood.

There are sixteen episodes out so far, of a projected 24 for season one. I also like the idea that this is a limited series, the show is set to run for only 72 episodes. Subscribe to podcast with this feed:


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