Podcast novel: Steve Libbey’s The Bloodbaths

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One of our scouts in the U.K., codenamed Nick, points us towards a new podcast novel. Nick sez:

“Steve Libbey, the co-author of the excellent Secret World Chronicle is podcasting his book, The Bloodbaths. It’s also available in other formats, which the publishers are hoping will encourage people to buy a commercial copy.”

The Bloodbaths is the first book in a new creative commons series called “The Aqua Pura trilogy”, it takes place in a fictional world similar to that of the ancient Roman Empire. New chapters are being added every weekday until it is complete!

Fantasy audiobook - The Bloodbaths by Steve LibbeyThe Bloodbaths
By Steve Libbey; Read by Veronica Giguere
Podcast novel – [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: Subatomic Books
Podcast: Oct. 2007 – ???

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Thanks Nick!

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