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Audio RealmsThe creator of Conan, Robert E. Howard, has been long neglected in audio. But no longer!

Audio Realms, an SFFaudio Essential producing publisher, is collaborating with Wildside Press to bring us “The Weird Works of Robert E. Howard.” This is a 10-volume series of Howard’s classic Fantasy, Horror, and poetry from Weird Tales magazine. These stories are going to be in Audio Realms’ “AudioBooksPlus” format. Each volume features cover art by Stephen Fabian, plus new introductions by a leading REH scholar or fantasist such as Joe R. Lansdale. In addition to these volumes, AudioRealms will be producing 4 volumes dedicated exclusively to Conan. The first three will be multiple story collections and the 4th will feature REH’s masterpiece The Hour Of The Dragon.

There is now a sound sample available for one of the short stories….this brief clip comes from Howard’s short story The Gods Of The North |MP3|.

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  1. Thank you for not only writing this but arranging for this reading/performance.
    what I heard as I downloaded the files, it sounds very interesting.
    I suggest one site……
    Audio book

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