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Prisoners of Gravity is a television show that originally ran on TVOntario from 1989-1994. It is a wonderful show full of science fiction and fantasy author interviews in a very entertaining format. Each show has a topic, like “Heroes and Superheroes”, “Collaborations”, and “Robots and Artificial Intelligence”. Commander Rick, the host, plays pre-recorded segments of various author interviews where they comment on the topic in question. It is an excellent show.

But it is a television show, and this site is devoted to audio. Though I think such a show would be FANTASTIC on audio (even this show would be great heard and not watched), it’s not available. What is available are a few audio clips on Signal Loss, a beautiful site dedicated to the show.

I wish Prisoners of Gravity was still on and I wish I could see reruns of past shows in the United States. Short of that, I wish I could download the audio from the shows to listen to in my MP3 player. Thanks for the site!

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2 thoughts to “Prisoners of Gravity”

  1. I think Prisoners Of Gravity is my favorite television show. You can take any single episode and reap a wealth of goodness – when PoG aired an episode on Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman I spent the next three years reading it in trade paperback. When an episode on AI featured an interview with Robert J. Sawyer about his first novel Golden Fleece I went out and bought copy and have bought every Robert J. Sawyer book since. I miss it dearly.

  2. Heh. Years ago, when I first started messing with audio, I asked if people were interested in MP3s of interview from the show. I didn’t get much response and never bothered with the idea again.

    I could rip large chunks of audio from series, but the earliest I’ll have all the parts to set up my little rig is late December. Right now they’re spread all over the province.

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