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Online AudioPart of the inspiration for SFFaudio came from Prisoners Of Gravity, a bizarre (in television terms) TV show about a hard-core nerd named “Commander Rick.” Frightened by the seemingly every-day worsening of the world around him, Rick filled his Camaro with his favorite books of SF, Fantasy and comics then straped a rocket to the roof. Blasting off the Earth, he left the atmosphere, and then promptly crashed into a secret telecommunications satellite. There, he became a pirate broadcaster overriding the signals of television broadcasts and replacing them with SF/F and comic theme shows.

As I’ve reported before, Rachelle Shelkey and her PoG fansite, Signal Loss, have been endeavoring to make episode trading doable. I sent her my entire collection of VHS tapes, and have now received them back on DVD-R, along with some episodes I’ve never seen before. To further promote the idea Rachelle is running a cool Summer YouTube re-run program to promote the DVD trading. Rachelle writes:

“We’re having a Prisoners Of Gravity online reruns event. Every week a new episode of Prisoners Of Gravity will be uploaded to YouTube. One episode a week July 1st until September 21st! This’ll be a fun way to get the word out there and a chance to hopefully find people with episodes we don’t yet have.”

I’m superjuiced at the prospect, Rachelle already has had some episode offers (someone found some extremely rare season one episodes!). Crazy! And you will be too once you start watching these shows – you’ll be absolutely rabid for it. If you have some Prisoners Of Gravity episodes contact Rachelle through her PoG announcing blog. If not, have a watch, you’ll still dig the heck out of this terrific 20th century TV show.

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