Radio Drama Revival: Bradbury 13: A Sound Of Thunder

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Radio Drama RevivalIf there is an exemplar of the excellence in modern American audio drama production it has to be the stunning centerpiece in the Bradbury 13 series: A Sound Of Thunder |READ OUR REVIEW|. And Radio Drama Revival has it! This podcast is an absolute must hear! It features the complete production as well as an excellent new interview with Bradbury 13 creator Michael McDonough. As host Fred Greenhalgh sez:

“[It’s] one of the most splendid productions ever to grace the annals of radio drama history. If you ever doubted how stereo sound changed the way we designed sound effects, let this production convince you.”

That’s no hyperbole. When you put on a pair of stereo headphones you’ll be absolutely be blown away by the greatness that is A Sound Of Thunder.

Bradbury 13Bradbury 13 – A Sound Of Thunder
Adapted from the story by Ray Bradbury; Performed by a full cast
1 |MP3| – Approx. 58 Minutes [AUDIO DRAMA]
Podcaster: Radio Drama Revival
Podcast: March 11, 2011
“They were going back sixty million years to kill a dinosaur. And they mustn’t step on one single blade of grass, or all of future civilization might be destroyed.” First broadcast on NPR in 1984. Short story first published in Collier’s, June 28, 1952.

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First published in the June 28,1952 issue of Colliers Weekly

Ray Bradbury's A Sound Of Thunder, illustrated by Frederick Siebel

Illustration from Planet Stories:
Planet Stories - A Sound Of Thunder

Illustration by Franz Altschuler from Playboy, June 1956:
Playboy, June 1956 - A Sound Of Thunder by Ray Bradbury - illustrated by Franz Altschuler

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  1. Thanks for the feature! I should mention, it’s really exciting that all of these shows are now available as high-quality MP3 downloads… My second favorite on the collection is “The Veldt,” which was actually originally done in the OTR days and seems flat and lifeless compared to McDonough’s stunning sound design and fresh adaptation. Highly recommended:

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