Radio Drama Revival: The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle – a SHERLOCK HOLMES audio drama

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Radio Drama RevivalRadio Drama Revival has a new Sherlock Holmes podcast audio drama in it’s feed!

Sez host Fred Greenhalgh:

This week we bring back the Quicksilver Radio Theater in a most peculiar of Sherlock Holmes tales set during the Christmas season.

A fat goose, a random mugging, and a precious gem. How do all three relate, and who committed this most unusual crime?

Quicksilver Radio Theatre - The Adventure Of The Blue CarbuncleOne caveat folks: This is an all-American production (Quicksilver is based out of New York). Don’t expect too much in the way of spot-on English accents. Part 2, presumably the concluding portion of the adventure, will likely be in the feed next weekend… PART 2 is HERE!

Radio Drama Revival – Episode #152 In Search Of The Blue Carbuncle
Part 1 |MP3| Part 2 |MP3|


Quicksilver Radio Theatre - The Adventure Of The Speckled Band AUDIO DRAMARDR had another Sherlock Holmes AD back in 2008, created by the same Quicksilver team: The Speckled Band Part 1 |MP3| Part 2 |MP3|

Podcast feed:

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