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Radio Drama RevivalFrederick Greenhalgh of Radio Drama Revival podcast and radio show sez:

“My latest story, “Waiting for a Window,” is at long last up on my podcast. While I welcome people to check out the show on the podcast, I would ESPECIALLY encourage them to buy it on Echo Fiction.”

This FinalRune Productions is an original story of a man waylaid on his way somewhere else, Waiting for a Window stars Bill Dufris (William Dufris), Joe Duley, Charly Duley, Ed Patterson and Philip Hobby. And it features original music by Barb Truex.

Final Rune Productions Radio Drama - Waiting For A Window by Frederick GreenhalghWaiting For A Window
By Frederick Greenhalgh; Performed by a full cast
1 |MP3| – Approx. 26 Minutes [RADIO DRAMA]
Podcaster: Radio Drama Revival
Podcast: September 26th 2008

Fred gave me a chance to listen to the high quality version. I’d describe it as a richly atmospheric and rather nautical version of Waiting For Godot. Or perhaps as a sailor’s version of The Prisoner. But, it’s not so much scary as it is comforting. A tall tale of the sea and a fine sounding audio drama.

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